Marc S. on Life in Progress Coaching
Every busy professional deserves a resource as valuable and committed as Ed Hunter.

– Marc S., CEO,


“One of the best qualities that Ed Hunter possesses is a realistic approach to helping you find solutions to revitalizing your career or giving you insight into industry trends. He is excellent at assisting you with solving your problems whether they are seeking employment or assessing your job skills.”

“What was very valuable to me was how Ed Hunter has a way of coming at people from a very intuitive place. He is highly analytical and weaves his knowledgeable base into his coaching. His observations and guidance are very astute. He is phenomenal.”

“I spent several weeks researching the websites for various life coaches before committing to working with Ed. He has many strengths. He is very easy to converse with. At no point during the eight weeks that I worked with him did I sense a judging or self-righteousness attitude.”

“Ed is an asset to any individual who is willing to ask themselves tough questions about where they want to be and what they need to live their own truth. I will hire him again and again. He is an excellent coach and a wonderful person.”
 – Kimberly C., Advertising Technology Sales at AOL Networks

“During my recent career transition, Ed Hunter’s knowledge, insight, attentive ear, genuine caring, and sage counseling have been a great source of guidance and support to help me in finding the best career path.”
 –Glenn G., Administrative Professional

“With his guidance, I was able to look at my career from a different point of view, something I am sure I would not have done without Ed's assistance... and I am happy to say I am now employed in a new job that I love! I would highly recommend Life in Progress Coaching with Ed Hunter to anyone looking for a change, seeking a new perspective, or just wanting to find out if they are on the right career path and if there is any room for professional improvement.”

“Ed avoided simply dishing out clichés and quotes and moved right on to discussing bigger themes in life that were well beyond the realm of what defines a meaningful career. For the first time in my life, I began the process of truly examining what were my goals, values, and beliefs. Armed with this information, it has already become easier to make decisions when new challenges arise in my life.”

“Ed Hunter has a remarkable ability to zone in on my needs and help me to present myself in my best light. He is positive and focuses on my strengths and how to present them to a prospective employer. It must have worked - I had a position shortly after we worked together in one of my desired fields. I would recommend prospective clients to give Ed a call and let him explain his methods. You will not be sorry!”

“I worked with Ed as part of a year-long Leadership Development program that included group training sessions and individual coaching for 20 high-potential leaders. Collaborating with Ed was a dream—he is skillful, personable, and engenders trust as a colleague as well as a coach. Even more important than the results of Ed's skill and approach to coaching was the universally positive progress of his coaching clients and the trusting relationships he developed with them. I would bring Ed into any client of mine without hesitation.”
 –Lorraine M., Leadership Development on the Individual, Group, and Organizational Level

“Ed has a  commanding understanding of the marketplace and how to help individuals make inspired decisions towards growth.”

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