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Handy tools to get us thinking.

Depending upon your unique situation and your goals, we may introduce assessments and inventories to help speed and enhance your coaching experience. You'll gain valuable insights, and they're fun! Assessments quickly uncover personal insights. Simple checklists and inventories can help you organize your thinking and rapidly distill your priorities, breaking down complex issues so they’re easier to discuss and manage.

And get us moving.

We use them to help you clarify your personality preferences, values, skills, passions, and more. With practical and proven applications to job-searching, career changes, executive coaching, work/life decision-making, and other career and life situations, they can bring tangible and measurable results.

Here are just some of the assessments, checklists, and inventories available online to clients of Life In Progress Coaching:

Assessment Instruments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

Strong Interest Inventory®

FIRO-B® (Interpersonal relations styles)

EQi 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

EQi 360 (a 360° feedback instrument based on the EQi 2.0 self-assessment)

Stress Management

Checklists and Inventories

Interest/Skills Checklist

Work/Life Values Checklist

Problem Solving Inventory

Coping Resources Inventory

Strengths Inventory

What Fuels You? (Identify your sources of energy)

Stress Index

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Assessment
New! Web-based administration! Take it today! The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument and the dozens of expert resources that have been designed to enhance its effectiveness offer a practical yet powerful set of tools for lifelong growth and development. After more than 50 years, the MBTI instrument continues to be the most trusted and widely used assessment in the world for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others. More than 2 million assessments are administered to individuals, Including employees of many Fortune 500 companies, annually in the United States alone. The MBTI is used across the globe in 16 languages to help improve individual and team performance, nurture and retain top talent, develop leadership at every level of an organization, reduce workplace conflict, and explore the world of work.

Strong Interest Inventory®
New! Web-based administration! Take it today! The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment has guided thousands of individuals — from high school and college students to mid-career workers seeking a change — in their search for a rich and fulfilling career. This authoritative assessment is long recognized for unparalleled validity and reliability.

Web-based administration! Take it today! For more than 40 years, the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™ (FIRO-B®) assessment has helped people around the world unlock the mysteries of human interaction at work and in their personal life. This fast, easy instrument quickly gathers critical insights into how an individual's needs for inclusion, control, and affection can shape his or her interactions with others.

EQi 2.0®
Leading Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Used by over one million individuals worldwide, the EQ-i 2.0® (developed by Reuven BarOn, Ph.D) is the leading scientifically developed and validated measure of emotional intelligence. It measures your ability to deal with daily environmental pressures and demands. Increasingly, research points to emotional intelligence as a better predictor of success in life than cognitive intelligence (IQ). Coaching support includes developing an action plan to leverage your EQ strengths and selected areas for growth.

EQi 360®
Multi Rater Instrument for Emotional Intelligence

The EQ 360® is a statistically valid and reliable multi-rater report which probes deeper than the self report found in the EQi, allowing those working closely with the client to provide information as well. It highlights key employee strengths and impediments to high performance, along with areas that could be developed further. It is a great tool for coaching and can be used to follow up and measure progress over time.
The EQ 360® gives the individual an EQi report that identifies emotional and social functioning based on his or her responses. It then compares that to the results from the others he or she requests to provide feedback by rater category. The client may choose raters for any of six rater groups – managers, peers, direct reports, clients, and family/friends. The client's results are compared to each group and to the raters as a whole.

Identify your general interests and self-examined skills.
Evaluate new career options based on interests and self-reported skills. Results are grouped into the six Holland types. This 60-item online tool takes just 15 minutes.

Identify your most important values in work and life.
Use this effective checklist to better understand yourself and make more informed decisions about your preferred work environment. This 38-item online tool takes just 15 minutes.

Identify your problem-solving style.
Identify how you typically handle difficult life situations and understand how you approach the career process. This 35-item online tool takes just 10 minutes.

Provides valuable information about your ability to handle stress.
Gain insights into how to recognize or bolster your coping resources and minimize the impact of change and stress in your life. This 40-item online tool takes just 15 minutes.

A quick inventory to help you reaffirm the many areas in which you are already strong.
Strengths are your greatest assets, and the most productive building blocks for career or personal development and growth. This quick inventory will be useful in resume development, interview preparation, and any life-change or personal growth endeavor.

Choose you sources of energy and motivation.
Another useful tool in career choice, and personal growth and development.

How stressed out are you, right now?
This quick self-scoring assessment will help you answer the question, and get started "de-stressing" in lasting, productive ways.

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