Individual career training

I don't know what I want my career to be. I just know it's not this.

For Individuals

What now? What next? Not sure of what you want in your career? Or how to get there? You are not alone. We are experts at guiding you from confusion and frustration to clarity and confidence. And we will begin just where you are, right now.

We start with exploration. Growth begins with knowing yourself — your personality, your interests, your skills, your strengths and weaknesses, and your values. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your passions using proven, constructive assessments and inventory tools. Gaining powerful clarity on who you are and what you want will not only help you make better decisions. It will improve your effectiveness on the job, in a job search, and in your life. Our founder, Ed Hunter, is a Certified Career and Executive Coach with over 20 years corporate experience specializing in career services, marketing, and management. He and his qualified team will work thoughtfully with you in a confidential coaching environment to define your unique goals and develop a practical strategy to achieve them.

Career Coaching: Finding your footing in a new job? Hoping to move to a higher position or change direction? We’ll help you make the critical transition.

Executive Coaching: Enhance your effectiveness and productivity, clarify your communications strategy, increase your negotiating and networking power, and reach your next big level of growth.

Asperger’s/HFA (High Functioning Autism) Career Counseling: Need to find a first job, a new job, or a brand new career? Could you use a guide to the complex social expectations in the workplace? We can help.

We look forward to helping you get started. Please call us at (267) 521-2220 or email us. Try a FREE CONSULTATION first.