I'm ready to take my career to another level. I want a coach to help me make it happen.

Career Coaching

Who do you want to be? Some would submit that careers are our identity, and since we spend most of our waking weekday hours hard at work, it can feel all-too-true. So rather than letting your job continue to define who you are, let us help you design the job you dream about.

We bring over 20 years of experience helping people create their best careers — in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Our professional career counseling is about more than just finding your next job, although we'll help with that, too. It's about finding yourself. Working confidentially with you, we clarify what matters most to you to help you build a career that enhances your overall quality of life and fulfills you both inside and outside of your work.

Our professional career counselor team can:

Use comprehensive, proven assessment tools to identify your skills, interests, personality characteristics, and values.

Provide current insight about career options, entry requirements, pay levels, and other crucial factors that will help you make smart decisions.

Assist you in choosing a career that marries your talents and passions.

Help you achieve the work/life balance that works for you.

Resolve obstacles to your employment and career success.

Help you formulate short-and-long-term career goals and strategies.

Help you develop a LinkedIn profile that will help recruiters find you.

Guide you in planning and implementing a successful job search.

Help you take advantage of LinkedIn and other social media tools.

Teach you how to network for powerful results.

Prepare you to interview confidently and effectively.

Coach you in negotiating compensation and evaluating job offers.

Help you jump-start your success in the new job.

Career counseling Philadelphia — and beyond. Our professional career counselors offer face-to-face coaching in the Philadelphia, Main Line, New Jersey, and Delaware areas. We also serve clients outside of these regions with the same care and quality by way of video-conferencing and phone.

Asperger’s Syndrome career counseling. We have a special interest in helping people diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome to identify and reach their career goals. Click here to learn more.

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